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Barq Mall is an emerging and the fastest growing online marketplace in Pakistan. This web-based online store is packed with all the features and products you need at an online shopping platform. Launching with 20,000+ products in the categories including fashion, groceries, home décor, lifestyle, sports, electronics and much more.

Barq Mall’s fashion variety is vast and versatile. From casual clothing of men, women and children including shoes, jackets and western attires, we also cater with stunning fashion accessories from well-known brands. Handbags, bracelets, wristwatches, shoes, watches and all other items are now only one click away.

In the recent lockdown and pandemic events, doing grocery has been transformed from traditional to modern style. Now you can order the breakfast items online to be delivered at your doorstep. Barq Mall’s grocery section is full of fresh and healthy food items from famous food vendors. Toiletries like personal care products, travelling needs, hand luggage and kits, organic hygiene products from famous companies are also there to provide you with the best services.

Moreover, Barq Mall has the best electronic appliances to offer to the valued customers form the top-notch companies with excellent features. Small devices like USB, headsets and bigger appliances like cameras, LCD/LED TVs are all available on our website for your review.

As now the restrictions of going to sport grounds have been lifted you can always upgrade your favorite sport inventory through Barq Mall. We have plenty of cricket kits, hand gears, fitness items and everything you need to make your recreational activities effortlessly pleasurable.

Home Décor and Lifestyle specifically deals with the products related to ornamentation purposes to make one’s house look awesome. From patio furniture to amazing sitting pieces, we have all what you need to live the best life.

Overseas Pakistanis can also send an appreciation gift, a gesture of gratitude or a sentimental offering to their loved ones. Our web portal is equipped with safe and secure online payment system.

We assure to make Barq Mall the best online shopping experience ever for our buyers. We offer you convenience, so that you can order the product you wish for for, anytime and anywhere, on the tip of your thumb. Our goal is to provide our customers with best products at affordable prices. In addition to plenty of products and categories we are also pleased to let our customers know about the amazing discounts on all products at the launching of the site and you will be able to save some money for a longer purchasing spree. Please keep visiting our website and social media accounts for latest updates.

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