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With the common use of microwave ovens with the passage of time, we all depend on quick warming up and hot served food within minutes. We tend to look at our ovens whenever we take out our frozen food items and decide to have an easy snack. But we often get our mood spoiled whenever we eat half cooked and partially warmed food.

To avoid this and other microwave issues, keep these little tricks in mind:

AVOID USING SQUARE SHAPED DISH: The shape of the dish you are using decides how your food cooks in it. Rectangular and square shaped boxes tend to absorb more heat in the corners that leaves the meal dry and cold. Use a flat plate to cook food properly. Consider covering your food with a round plate in order to get best results.

SPREAD FOOD EVENLY: Piling up food seems normal right? But while heating food in a microwave, consider evenly spreading your food on your dish entirely. In this way, each part of the food would be heated properly and you don’t have to eat half hot half old food anymore.

KNOW YOUR POWER LEVELS: If you are thinking of just warming up your food that you just took out of the refrigerator but keep the microwave levels high to such an extent that would cook a raw fish , then you need to reconsider your microwave power levels. Keep your gauge low whenever it comes to smaller food items. Set your timer accordingly and recheck.

COVER YOUR FOOD: This little trick can heat and cook your quick meals evenly and will reduce splattering of food in the microwave. While heating the food in microwave, food tends to escape the container and spills out of it that may become a problem for you later on. Instead of wasting money on oven cleaners, simply cover your foods in the best ways possible.

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