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Hair care can often be challenging. And when you have long hair, it is quite a task to manage hair health. In a fast paced world like todays, we are bound to take shortcuts and save our time as much as possible. This is relatable with our health and beauty concerns too. A day full of workload, we do not have much time to take care of ourselves and enjoy the “me time”, except weekends.

Here are a few things you can do to have strong, shiny and healthy hair even in your busy schedules.

DETERMINE YOUR HAIR TYPE: Hair type depends from person to person. The major hair types people normally have are: oily, dry, normal, wavy, straight, curly, thick and fine. Once you have determined your hair type, it would be easier for you to manage them. Your hair may react differently to the hair products as compared to your other family members. It is important to have such a product in use that suits your hair well. For instance if you have dry scalp, search for products that are rich in moisturizing natural ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin B5.

AVOID WASHING YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY: After daily exhaustion, we feel exhausted and drained and feel like taking a shower to freshen up. But what we do not know is: our hair does need to get washed every single day. Frequently washing your scalp can result in inflammation and dryness of skin. Also loss of hair is observed for the ones who wash their hair daily. It is okay to wash after every two days, only when your hair is dirty. People with straight hair need to wash more than those who have curly or wavy hair.

There is still no perfect module to follow when it comes to hair care routine. Just keep on exploring routines that are appropriate for your hair type and pick the one that suits your hair the best.

DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR WITH HOT WATER: By washing your hair with hot water, your hair loses all the essential oils that protect them from getting damaged. After washing you may feel like your hair being dry and tangled, not silky at all. It is better to avoid hot water especially if you have a dry scalp.

BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS STILL DAMP: Use a wide-tooth comb whenever you need to brush your hair right away getting out of the shower. Use a hair serum and apply it your damp hair so that your hair gets more smooth and easier to untangle. Start brushing the lower parts of your hair, proceeding upwards.

ALLOW YOUR HAIR TO AIR DRY: We all know that blow dry can be tempting. But it can damage your hair a lot and cause a lot of hair fall. The heat from the hair dryer can even damage your hair follicles. Avoid using appliances and devices to dry your hair. Instead, let your hair air dry.

TRIM YOUR HAIR REGULARLY: Daily life activities can harm your hair and split ends can occur frequently. Therefore it is very important to trim your hair regularly, at least once in a month. Trimming brings fresh hair, gives more volume and triggers more growth.


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