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According to World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is one of the major health threats globally known. Pakistan, along with India, Nepal and Bangladesh is also considered unsafe in terms of air health. The most recent data suggests that Pakistan’s air is much more polluted than the environment can cater. Thousands of people are at risk every year with life expectancy cut by five years on average.

In Pakistan the main contributors to air pollution include car pollution, incineration methods and industrial emissions. During lockdown, the entire country experienced a sudden fall in air pollutants and the weather was very less affected. But the time was short lived. As soon the outdoor life resumed, everything came back to its place where it was including air pollution.

Winters are here and smog will arrive soon. The word “smog” is a blend of two words meaning “smoke” and “fog”. These winters will be difficult to handle because we have to fight the pollutants and also the cold weather.

Experts believe that higher pollutant levels can elevate the death toll caused by COVID 19 since it is a respiratory disease. Pollutants are so small that they can easily travel into the lungs making them weak and prone to diseases.

Here are some of the precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself from the national and international hazard:

FACE MASKS: With the abundance of pollutant particles, we cannot afford risking lives and wearing a mask should not be a compulsion only when it’s virus emergency or during lockdown. Wearing a face mask in winters is the best way to stay protected from poisonous particles that harm you nasal passage and lungs. Use N-95/99 every time you need to travel for a long time. For short time, use normal medicated masks.

AIR VENTILATION: Indoor air pollution is as harmful as outdoor air pollution. In order to avoid and keep the air clean and fresh, open your doors and windows in the afternoon till the evening. Also add exhausts in your bathrooms and a chimney in your kitchen for fine air. Fresh air circulating through the house keeps the environment healthy and mold free. Air ventilation procedures keep the bad particles away from home.

STEAM: Steam inhalation is very beneficial for the nasal passage. It relieves swollen blood vessels and reduces mucous production. It also assists in clearing up air passage is proven to alleviate flu symptoms like headaches, coughing, congested nose, throat irritation, etc.

Tip: Add Wellaxa Almond Oil or Wellaxa Olive Oil in steam water for better moisturizing and healing effects.

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RAISE YOUR IMMUNITY: Keeping your immunity levels up can protect you from respiratory infections and viruses and will help you battle them in a much affective way. Consume vitamin C , Magnesium and foods rich in Omega Fatty Acids. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, along with whole grains and every kind of meat. Also including jaggery in daily routine can help you clear up lungs and remove any bacteria.  These food components will help you boost your immunity and fight the ill diseases.

Keep everyone safe and protected. Use masks and maintain social distance.

Barq Mall wishes you all happy and safe winters!

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