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The Pakistani film industry has two parallels: one is in which movies like Bol and Laal Kabootar fall. This film niche in rich in experimenting, depicting unconventional point of views accompanied by top-notch camerawork, screen play and dialogues.

The other area is a peculiar gravity pull that holds everything, but their worst versions. From misogynist remarks to obnoxious acting in movies like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and many more, we see a blend of everything no one ever asked for.

And there comes a space for a third field especially in the current scenario.  A few days ago, a Pakistani TV show naming “Mohabbat Tujhy Alvida” starring Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain and Mansha Pasha was accused of being nothing but a blatant copy of the famous Anil-Sridevi starrer “Judaai”. The plot having uncanny resemblance with the movie itself, fans loved their favorite actors’ performances but also criticized them for signing up a loosely plagiarized drama. Moreover, its controversial plot added fuel to the fire.

And yes you guessed it right. The third category is the world of accused copies of other original plots.

Everyone by now is aware of the recent trending teaser in Pakistan. “50 Crore” stars famous actors as leads like Faisal Qureshi, Saboor Aly, Asad Siddiqui, Anoshay Abbasi, Mehmood Aslam, and Faryal Mehmood.

Introduction through mugshots, the actors try to depict the cool aura and sassy vibe they are probably going for in the movie. Them belonging to different big cities, all being nonchalant of being arrested, their jail attires that do not resemble that of a jail of Pakistan, their names based on famous Pakistani cities and one of them even naming “Bela”.

Sounds familiar?

Money Heist blew internationally including Pakistan. 8 thieves and their leading boss known as El Professor, won hearts across Pakistan even though the original series is in Spanish. Which concludes that language is not a barrier when the content is good.

But if content is nothing but based on stereotypical representation and poor copy of a well-known series and also its characters, would it hold any quality despite the budget the teaser and casting already screams?

And if you think you are the only one thinking like that, consider the following tweets that pointed out the same things that have you perplexed too.






What are your thoughts on this? Is 50 crore really a rip off? Or is it just bandwagon roasting? Share your thoughts with us right in the comment section.

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