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Most anticipated mobile phones for 2021

Happy new year to all of our readers! It seemed like a very long year since the arrival of the global pandemic. With the second wave still mildly showing its drastic effects, we are heading towards a new start. And we hope we don’t have to face any other virus ever again.

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May this year be virus free for us!

That being said let’s take a look at the most anticipated mobile phones . Here are the he upcoming smartphones we feel will dominate the mobile market in year’s first half.

Galaxy S21

It’s impossible to ignore the Galaxy S21. With an early launch expected next month, Samsung will spare no expense in promoting the flagship Galaxy S series, its answer to the iPhone. Although a lot is already known about the Galaxy S21, Samsung is yet to confirm if it will launch a Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE). More than that, we are keen to know how Samsung plans to merge the Galaxy S and Note lines.

OnePlus 9

We don’t know what tactics OnePlus will adopt this year when it launches both the phones, but the strategy has to please the most die-hard OnePlus fans. Right now, early leaks suggest the devices will offer the best display, charging speeds, and top-notch specs.

LG Rollable smartphone

The upcoming “rollable” phone will likely set the tone for the next chapter in smartphones. No one’s sure what LG’s new rollable phone will be called, but it’s going to be the first phone with a flexible rolling display that will hit the market in the first half of the year. It’ll be a rollable phone, meaning the phone display can be extended. Just simply pull on one edge and your regular-sized smartphone becomes a tablet.

Realme Race

Details are scarce right now, but we already know the “Race” is going to be Realme’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 handset. Since the “Race” is just a codename for a high-end flagship, the official name and release date both are under wraps.


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